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Rapid On-Site Investigation

SCSI specializes in fatality and major accident cases. Once SCSI receives information pertaining to a fatality or major accident, one of our specialized staff members will immediately visit the job site or accident scene to collect information and facts before valuable information is forgotten. We will help assist the management team with all findings to identify hazards and prevent future losses.

Acting As Your Liaison to Government Agencies

SCSI acts as a mediator between the employer and the governmental agency involved.

Guiding You in Correcting Deficiencies

SCSI will conduct a hazard assessment and recommend health and safety changes, at which time SCSI will work with management teams to eliminate recognized health and safety deficiencies.

Conducting Safety Training for Employees and Management

Upon the completion of an investigation and the outcome of the hazard assessment, SCSI will offer comprehensive training programs as required by governmental agencies.